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Dag 21/06/2019

Discovery channel - programmen av imorgon
Discovery channel
03:55-Deadliest Catch
04:45-Kindig Customs
05:35-How It's Made
06:00-How It's Made
07:20-Ultimate Survival
08:15-How It's Made
08:40-How It's Made
09:05-Wheeler Dealers
10:00-Kindig Customs
11:00-Deadliest Catch
12:00-Gold Rush
13:00-Gold Rush
14:00-Railroad Alaska
15:00-How It's Made
15:30-How It's Made
16:00-Cooper's Treasure
17:00-Salvage Hunters
18:00-Wheeler Dealers
19:00-Wheeler Dealers
20:00-Deadliest Catch
22:00-Street Outlaws
23:00-Jeremy Wade's Dark Waters
00:00-Naked and Afraid XL (Season Specials)
01:00-Deadliest Catch
02:00-Street Outlaws
03:00-Dual Survival
03:55-Deadliest Catch
04:45-Kindig Customs
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Discovery hd showcase - programmen av imorgon
Discovery hd showcase
03:15-I Almost Got Away With It
04:00-Alien Encounters
04:45-Deadliest Catch
05:30-Finding Bigfoot
06:15-Cake Boss
06:40-Cake Boss
07:00-Animal Cops Phoenix
07:45-Extreme Engineering
08:30-Finding Bigfoot
09:15-Cake Boss
09:40-Cake Boss
10:00-Alien Encounters
10:45-Deadliest Catch
11:30-Extreme Engineering
12:15-Animal Cops Phoenix
13:00-Finding Bigfoot
13:45-Cake Boss
14:10-Cake Boss
14:30-Alien Encounters
15:15-Deadliest Catch
16:00-Finding Bigfoot
16:45-Extreme Engineering
17:30-Animal Cops Phoenix
18:15-Cake Boss
18:40-Cake Boss
19:00-Alien Encounters
19:45-Deadliest Catch
20:30-Finding Bigfoot
21:15-Extreme Engineering
22:00-Finding Bigfoot
22:45-Deadliest Catch
23:30-Cake Boss
23:55-Cake Boss
00:15-I Almost Got Away With It
01:00-Finding Bigfoot
01:45-Animal Cops Phoenix
02:30-Extreme Engineering
03:15-I Almost Got Away With It
04:00-Finding Bigfoot
04:45-Deadliest Catch
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Discovery science - programmen av imorgon
Discovery science
03:48-The World's Strangest UFO Stories
04:36-Future Weapons
05:24-How Do They Do It?
05:48-How It's Made
06:12-How The Universe Works
07:00-How Do They Do It?
07:26-How It's Made
07:50-How It's Made
08:14-Future Weapons
09:02-How The Earth Works
09:50-How Do They Do It?
10:14-How It's Made
10:38-How It's Made
11:02-How It's Made
11:26-The World's Strangest UFO Stories
12:14-Future Weapons
13:02-How The Earth Works
13:50-How The Universe Works
14:38-How Do They Do It?
15:02-How It's Made
15:26-How It's Made
15:50-How It's Made
16:14-The World's Strangest UFO Stories
17:02-How The Earth Works
17:50-How The Universe Works
18:40-Future Weapons
19:30-How The Universe Works
20:20-How Do They Do It?
20:45-How It's Made
21:10-How The Earth Works
22:00-How The Universe Works
22:50-The World's Strangest UFO Stories
23:40-How Do They Do It?
00:05-How It's Made
00:30-Future Weapons
01:20-How The Universe Works
02:10-How The Earth Works
03:00-How The Universe Works
03:48-The World's Strangest UFO Stories
04:36-Future Weapons
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Discovery world - programmen av imorgon
Discovery world
03:15-Extreme Engineering
04:00-American Guns
04:45-Codes And Conspiracies
05:30-HMS Ark Royal
06:15-Everest: Beyond The Limit
07:00-Anthony Bourdain: No Reservations
07:45-Everest: Beyond The Limit
08:30-Extreme Engineering
09:15-Treasure Quest
10:00-Chasing Classic Cars
10:20-Chasing Classic Cars
10:45-Anthony Bourdain: No Reservations
11:30-Everest: Beyond The Limit
12:15-Extreme Engineering
13:00-Treasure Quest
13:45-HMS Ark Royal
14:30-Chasing Classic Cars
14:50-Chasing Classic Cars
15:15-Anthony Bourdain: No Reservations
16:00-Everest: Beyond The Limit
16:45-Extreme Engineering
17:30-Treasure Quest
18:15-HMS Ark Royal
19:00-Chasing Classic Cars
19:20-Chasing Classic Cars
19:45-Anthony Bourdain: No Reservations
20:30-Everest: Beyond The Limit
21:15-Extreme Engineering
22:00-MegaQuake: Hour That Shook Japan
22:45-Treasure Quest
23:30-HMS Ark Royal
00:15-Extreme Engineering
01:00-Chasing Classic Cars
01:20-Chasing Classic Cars
01:45-Anthony Bourdain: No Reservations
02:30-Everest: Beyond The Limit
03:15-Extreme Engineering
04:00-MegaQuake: Hour That Shook Japan
04:45-Codes And Conspiracies
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Kanal5 - programmen av imorgon
04:05-Cutthroat Kitchen
04:50-Law & Order: Special Victims Unit
06:15-Sofias änglar - teckenspråkstolkat
07:00-Extreme Couponing
07:20-Animal Cops Detroit
08:05-Andarnas makt Norge
09:40-Cutthroat Kitchen
10:40-Cake Boss: Next Great Baker
11:45-Grey's Anatomy
13:45-Andarnas makt Norge
14:45-Förlossningskliniken Norge
15:45-Böda Camping
16:45-The Big Bang Theory
17:10-The Big Bang Theory
17:40-Cake Boss: Next Great Baker
18:40-Girl Meets Farm
19:10-Girl Meets Farm
19:45-En prinsessas dagbok
22:00-Pacific Rim
00:40-The Big Bang Theory
01:05-The Big Bang Theory
01:30-Law & Order: Special Victims Unit
02:30-Criminal Minds
04:10-Girl Meets Farm
04:35-Girl Meets Farm
04:55-Law & Order: Special Victims Unit
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