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Dag 26/05/2019




Discovery channel

03:55-Wheeler Dealers
04:45-American Chopper
05:35-How It's Made
06:00-How It's Made
06:25-How Do They Do It? With Kenneth Tonef
06:55-How Do They Do It? With Kenneth Tonef
07:20-Abandoned Engineering
08:15-Dukes of Haggle
08:40-Buying Alaska
09:05-Buying Alaska
09:35-Buying Alaska
10:00-Kindig Customs
11:00-Kindig Customs
12:00-Kindig Customs
13:00-Mighty Ships
14:00-Mighty Ships
15:00-Building Off The Grid
16:00-Salvage Hunters
17:00-Salvage Hunters
18:00-Salvage Hunters
19:00-Devil's Canyon
20:00-Into Alaska
21:00-Expedition Unknown
22:00-Mummies Unwrapped
23:00-Gold Rush: Parker's Trail
00:00-Deadliest Catch
01:00-Mighty Ships
02:00-Mighty Ships
03:00-Dukes of Haggle
03:30-Buying Alaska
03:55-Buying Alaska
04:20-Buying Alaska
04:45-Abandoned Engineering

Discovery hd showcase

03:15-Extreme Forensics
04:00-Mega Engineering
04:45-Mega Engineering
05:30-Mega Engineering
06:15-Mega Engineering
07:00-Animal Cops Houston
07:45-Animal Cops Houston
08:30-Animal Cops Houston
09:15-Animal Cops Houston
10:00-Animal Cops Houston
10:45-Smash Lab
11:30-Smash Lab
12:15-Smash Lab
13:00-Smash Lab
13:45-Smash Lab
14:30-Cake Boss
14:55-Cake Boss
15:15-Cake Boss
15:40-Cake Boss
16:00-Cake Boss
16:25-Cake Boss
16:45-Cake Boss
17:10-Cake Boss
17:30-Cake Boss
17:55-Cake Boss
18:15-Deadliest Catch
19:00-Deadliest Catch
19:45-Deadliest Catch
20:30-Deadliest Catch
21:15-Deadliest Catch
22:00-Finding Bigfoot
22:45-Man v Expert
23:30-Extreme Engineering
00:15-Extreme Forensics
01:00-Extreme Forensics
01:45-Inside the Gangsters' Code
02:30-Inside the Gangsters' Code
03:15-Inside the Gangsters' Code
04:00-Animal Cops Houston
04:45-Animal Cops Houston

Discovery science

03:48-How Do They Do It?
04:12-How Do They Do It?
04:36-How Do They Do It?
05:00-How It's Made
05:24-How It's Made
05:48-How It's Made
06:12-How It's Made
06:36-How It's Made
07:00-How Do They Do It?
07:26-Secrets Of The Underground
08:14-Secrets Of The Underground
09:02-Secrets Of The Underground
09:50-Secrets Of The Underground
10:38-Secrets Of The Underground
11:26-How It's Made
11:50-How It's Made
12:14-How It's Made
12:38-How It's Made
13:02-How It's Made
13:26-How Do They Do It?
13:50-How Do They Do It?
14:14-How Do They Do It?
14:38-How Do They Do It?
15:02-How Do They Do It?
15:26-How Things Work
16:14-How Things Work
17:02-How Things Work
17:50-How Things Work
18:40-How Things Work
19:30-Weird Connections
19:55-Weird Connections
20:20-Weird Connections
20:45-Weird Connections
21:10-Weird Connections
21:35-Weird Connections
22:00-You Have Been Warned
23:40-Weird Or What?
00:30-Weird Or What?
01:20-Weird Or What?
02:10-Weird Or What?
03:00-Through The Wormhole With Morgan Freeman
03:48-Through The Wormhole With Morgan Freeman
04:36-Through The Wormhole With Morgan Freeman

Discovery world

03:15-HMS Ark Royal
04:00-Top Tens
04:45-Top Tens
05:30-Top Tens
06:15-Commander In Chief: Inside The Oval Office
07:00-Chasing Classic Cars
07:20-Chasing Classic Cars
07:45-Chasing Classic Cars
08:05-Chasing Classic Cars
08:30-Chasing Classic Cars
08:50-Chasing Classic Cars
09:15-Chasing Classic Cars
09:35-Chasing Classic Cars
10:00-Chasing Classic Cars
10:20-Chasing Classic Cars
10:45-Extreme Engineering
11:30-Extreme Engineering
12:15-Extreme Engineering
13:00-Extreme Engineering
13:45-Extreme Engineering
14:30-Anthony Bourdain: No Reservations
15:15-Anthony Bourdain: No Reservations
16:00-Anthony Bourdain: No Reservations
16:45-Anthony Bourdain: No Reservations
17:30-Anthony Bourdain: No Reservations
18:15-Extreme Engineering
19:00-Extreme Engineering
19:45-Extreme Engineering
20:30-Extreme Engineering
21:15-Extreme Engineering
22:00-Titanic: The Aftermath
23:30-Secrets Of The Arsenal
00:15-MegaQuake: Hour That Shook Japan
01:00-Aircrash Unsolved: The Mystery Of Helios 522
01:45-Anthony Bourdain: No Reservations
02:30-Anthony Bourdain: No Reservations
03:15-Anthony Bourdain: No Reservations
04:00-Anthony Bourdain: No Reservations
04:45-Anthony Bourdain: No Reservations


03:35-Vägens hjältar
04:25-SOS Sverige
06:35-Extreme Couponing
07:00-Extreme Couponing
10:00-Vägens hjältar
11:00-Vägens hjältar
12:00-Vägens hjältar
13:00-Vägens hjältar
15:00-Grey's Anatomy
16:00-Grey's Anatomy
19:00-Vägens hjältar
20:00-SOS Sverige
21:00-Mammagalan 2019
01:15-Vägens hjältar
02:15-Criminal Minds
03:10-Criminal Minds
04:00-SOS Sverige

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